Digital Photography // Ultimate Field Guide for Amateurs & Professionals

  • Digital Photography by Mukesh Srivastava

‘A picture says more than a thousand words’ – An old phrase with much truth in it! The book ‘Digital Photography’ makes experiencing the art of photography a pleasurable journey.

It showcases photography as a medium for factual communication, creative art and captures specifics of photography right from digital photography, camera features, shooting techniques and advanced editing techniques.

Author has also kept point & shoot photographers in view and has added information for them as well. With this seminal book Mr. Mukesh Srivastava, provides a foundation for photographers seeking to learn the techniques of effective visual telling.

The book is very well written and encapsulates easy to understand terminologies, enabling readers to enhance their photographic skills. It is a guide to accompany photographers, amateurs, students on their fascinating photographic journey!

- Mr. Sajjan Kumar  (Vice President, Imaging Division, Nikon India)